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Aviso Legal En WordPress

I`m very lost with this, I`m creating a very simple blog (I started when I know something about WordPress) and I don`t see in any area that I have the ability to add the privacy policy, the only thing I have is a button that says «show a privacy policy under the comment form», and that`s the only thing there`s about it. I do not know if that is already the case or if I should add anything else. But since my blog is free, I can`t get plugins. Since legal texts should be easily accessible from any page or subpage of the web, a link to them is usually placed at the bottom (from the footer), although you can also place them in the sidebar or at the top, the fact is that it is always easy to find and always accessible (the footer is the best option, because it`s less invasive and because people are used to looking for those links there). Therefore, it is interesting to know what are the best legal opinion plugins for WordPress that exist, each of them with its own features and benefits. In the following sections, we will explain everything you need to know about these plugins. If you have already created this menu for legal texts, you will need to add the legal notice page to the rest. The General Data Protection Regulation, better known by its acronym GDPR, is already a reality. If you have a website and want to be absolutely sure that the regulations in force are respected, you need to install a WordPress printing plugin. The next step is to configure the widget.

Enter the title and select «Legal Texts» from the drop-down menu. Click on «Save» and if you have done it correctly, links to legal texts, including legal notices, should appear in the footer of all pages of the site. Only a few are the sites that are exempt from putting the legal notice on them, for this reason, if you have created a website in WordPress and you want it to comply with the applicable regulations to avoid penalties, we will explain in this article how to insert the legal notice in WordPress in a few simple steps. You can configure general settings for alerts and reminders. And set up the created alerts and unify them with plugins as important as Yoast SEO or WooCommerce. August 8, 2018 * Correction of a substantial error of the object in the first layer of the obligation to inform. * Improved documentation. * First layer of the obligation to translate. * New tag `[pdrgpd-politica-cookies]` to generate the content of the cookie policy page. * The options page controls the existence and content of the legal notices, as well as the privacy and cookie policies.

June 19, 2018 * Legal notice has been added to the feedback form that requires you to accept the confidentiality and acceptance of records in the database. If you need help with the creation of the legal notice (or any of the other legal texts that you need to indicate yes or yes on your website), do not hesitate to contact Grupo Atico34, our team of experts will help you create all the legal texts that your site needs, fully adapted to the needs and characteristics of your website and the regulations in force. Have you tried any of these plugins? Tell us how you adapted to the GDPR when inserting the legal notice. We`re reading you! You might be tempted to omit or summarize this part a lot, which reads the legal role? July 26, 2018 * Base language for English translation integrated into es_ES to facilitate future translations into other languages. * Fixed links to the FAQ on the settings page. * Example of fixed implementation code in contact form 7. * Enables shortcodes in Contact Form 7 and HTML widgets. * Introduction of the label «[pdrgpd-notice-newsletter]» for the first level of the obligation to provide information when subscribing to newsletters/newsletters. * Links to the privacy policy are now open in a new tab. The plugin generates the content of your pages from legal texts and provides you with tags that allow you to adapt your forms to the GDPR without the need for future updates or minor corrections to modify the content of the automatically generated pages. To generate the content of the legal notice page, the plugin, if you do not have it, generates a new one and as content, it contains only the following tag (shortag): Insert the legal notice in WordPress is not very complicated (it can be a little more if you are not yet very familiar with the editor), However, what may cause further doubt is the wording of the legal notice itself, especially if your website is an online store or the website of your business or business.

Its advantage over the previous one is that automatic notifications are free according to the rules you define. August 14, 2018 * In compatible topics, you can replace other existing footnotes with a copyright notice and links to legal pages. * Contains the indication of registration in the commercial register that is required for companies. * Fixes bugs in the paragraph version of the first level of the information obligation. * Improved example for CF7. * Addresses of legal document pages are terminated/avoided by default in redirects. To create this link to the fingerprint, go to «Appearance» and enter «Menus». If you don`t already have it, create a menu called «Legal Texts» (so you can find it quickly). Once you`ve created it, all you have to do is add the page with the legal notice (and other legal texts). If, at any time, you need to change the content of the legal notice in WordPress because you need to update certain information, all you have to do is go to the page from the page menu and make the necessary changes to the text. If your theme is supported – the feature is newly developed and may not be – you can replace other pre-existing footer reviews with a copyright notice and links to legal pages managed by the plugin. Currently, it supports Twenty Twelve, Twenty Thirteen, Twenty Fourteen, Twenty Fifteen, Twenty Sixteen, Twenty Seventeen, Twenty Nineteen, Twenty Twenty, twenty Twenty-One and Storefront Themes for WordPress, Flash, ColorMag, eStore, Spacious and Cenote Themes by ThemeGrill, Envo Shop Theme by EnvoThemes and Industro Theme by OceanThemes.

If that doesn`t work in your theme, let us know to see if it can be customized in a future release or added to an unsupported list to let you know. January 8, 2021 * The false name has been removed from the legal notice of the Catalan version. The Imprint plugin in WordPress is a complete solution that offers a wide range of settings and features so that the website meets all the requirements that the GDPR meets. These requirements are included in the following areas: access to information, acceptance of cookies, deletion of information, privacy policy and immediate notification in case of data leakage. May 13, 2020 * Creation of legal documents in the absence of an email address. * Originals in English for translatable text strings from v0.52. These are just a few examples, but there are many plugins that allow you to adapt to the new GDPR measures. The correct wording of the legal texts and terms that we must include in our legal notice in accordance with the provisions of the GDPR must be adapted to the needs of each company.

If you need to adapt these texts and adapt them to current needs, we recommend that you have the best professionals. At Akela, we specialize in this type of solution and can advise you on the needs of your site.

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