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Live Matter updates and more from BRM LegalWith any legal service provider, you want transparency on the issue without having to pick up the phone! In a world of mobile devices, we now expect the opportunity to review progress at a time that suits us. This app is designed with features that keep you informed by providing live information. Whether you just want to check the offer or track progress, this app is for you. You will be able to clearly see each step of the legal issue in order to understand the process. Information is updated when a task is completed by us, saving you unnecessary time on phone calls and emails. The app even sends you notifications when a task has been updated to make sure you always have up-to-date information. With an unusual blend of local knowledge and a deeper understanding of UK law, the BRM team can offer practical solutions to resolve your legal issues quickly, competently and completely. Whether it`s property transfer, homeowner rights issues, immigration, personal injury or family law support, we`re here when you need us and use our 20 years of experience to protect your interests. At BRM, we have the legal knowledge and experience you need – it`s a no-brainer – but it`s our approach and attitude that sets us apart from others. Our friendly and professional team will accompany you every step of the way, ensuring that you always feel supported, reassured, comfortable and confident in your choice of representation. Dedicated, personalized support that gives you peace of mind and legal expertise when you need it most.

As lawyers in Coventry, we offer you legal solutions in various areas. After developing their eye-catching new branding, this was used to create various marketing materials, from corporate prints to a new storefront. This really helped change their aesthetics from a retail perspective, which proved crucial in improving the delivery of the business to lawyers. You can rest assured that we will complete your accounting work to the highest quality standards, which means you have your numbers at your fingertips and can determine where your business is going. With the latest accounting software like Xero, your books will be kept up to date and your numbers will be ready for you when you need them. After developing the brand image, the next level was the website. We created a new website for BRM Legal, which proved to be a great success for the client after increasing their return on investment. The BRM website is a fully responsive WordPress site that is committed to respecting content and visuals. Combined with a modern and elegant design, it showcases the excellent work of BRM Legal and the way they have helped people. Our client has been very excited about what we have achieved and we continue to develop and support BRM Legal in our ongoing partnership with them. BRM Legal needed help building a strong brand identity and interpreting it in everything from the website to the business office signage. BRM Legal specializes in property law, personal injury, medical negligence, family law, wills and estates, and immigration; It was important that, while these areas of expertise were serious, the firm would appear both professional and accessible.

⚠ To notify the Law Society of inappropriate or offensive content posted on Find a Lawyer, please visit our contact page. CONTACT US TODAY for a no-obligation conversation and quote for our accounting services and how we can help you. We never lose sight of the fact that every BRM customer has different needs. Our team is friendly, approachable and focused on getting the best result for you – efficiently and with minimal stress. Date of the next declaration due on January 11, 2023 no later than January 25, 2023 Next accounts dated January 31, 2023. March 2022 and due 31 December 2022 BRM Legal is a law firm based in Coventry. They turned to Trident to help them with their new branding, as they felt that their old branding looked tired and dated. Our talented design team has come up with a few different developments for the client to choose from. After careful consideration, they opted for a jade and gray design to please their audience. Our experienced team of professionals has in-depth knowledge and combined expertise to effectively assist you in all matters of property law, family law, personal injury, will and estate and immigration. We also offer accounting services to clients and businesses. By outsourcing your accounting work to us, we can take care of this task so you can focus on your clients and grow your business.

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