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«BBH took care of a sale and a real estate purchase for me. I was completely satisfied with the legal services provided throughout the service. I found the service calm, thorough, easy to understand and efficient. I would like to acknowledge the professionalism and accessibility of my lawyer. BBH Legal Services Ltd is a lawyer in Birkenhead, England, providing legal services for a range of matters. «We have had excellent support from BBH`s support team. They stayed in touch throughout the process, followed up on the necessary questions and guided us through any complications. We would definitely recommend their services to others. Test BBH legal services based on Wirral. I dealt with them for sale and purchase and the service was excellent. www.bbhlegal.co.uk/ you don`t need to be local, but sometimes it helps. For some documents we had to pay for a special delivery. Unfortunately, Bbh (legal Services) Limited does not currently accept new customers through ReviewSolicitors.

To help you get expert legal advice as soon as possible, one of our employees can recommend another highly rated law firm that accepts new clients and forwards your request to them. They will then contact you to confirm your appointment. We will also send you an email with the details of the new company. «Efficient, understanding and competent. BBH quickly arranged things for me and gave me great advice. «I was very impressed with the service and advice I received and the value for money — thank you.» «As my husband was in the hospital while we were trying to move and life was very stressful, it was a great comfort when I received all the help I needed in one call. Thank you all. Heelen Tasker and Monika O`Donnell of BBH were brilliant. The process was made more difficult because we were in lockdown all the time.

The land registry took a while as everyone was working from home, but the lifetime mortgage was a very quick process. Very impressed with everyone at BBH. «I was very satisfied with BBH`s service. From the first contact to the end, the service was smooth and easy. Another voice to use a local lawyer — mine was actually not much more than quotes from a line, but the service was exceptional and therefore very simple. Absolutely excellent work for transfer and domain. BBH Legal Services went above and beyond, consistently demonstrating absolute professionalism and efficiency, the whole process being very well explained, I was kept informed and I was particularly impressed by the speed of the service. Very satisfied customer and I highly recommend it and will definitely use it again. «Very happy with the service I had. I had never bought a house before, but you made it easy for me. I can recommend ours. No, you don`t have to use one near you, we don`t.

They were brilliant, I can`t recommend them enough, so effective and unwavering. Throughout the process, Monika O`Donnell was very professional, helpful and friendly. When we encountered a problem caused by the lender`s lawyer, she took the initiative and came up with a solution that saved us from inconvenience. Highly recommended. You may want to discover a law firm with an established and proven reputation on ReviewSolicitors Another very well managed case of Monika at BBH Legal. I would definitely recommend it for future business, I would recommend Leilah Atha at Mary Monson Solicitors based in Swinton. She was exceptional. The second time I used the same law firm, although I had my first experience with this particular lawyer. A very good BBH service. Always someone to talk to and be very helpful to, especially in times when things didn`t go exactly as planned. Yay! Our offer has been accepted!! Could someone recommend a good lawyer/promoter they have worked with before? I`ve tried to get different quotes online, but I still don`t know who to choose. Are there any points to consider when choosing a lawyer or intermediary? We are also based in Manchester, so we would appreciate recommendations in our area.

Or where the lawyer or sponsor is based? Thank you very much! I know some people say you don`t need to go with someone on the spot, but this time we sold/bought a local business, whereas before we used an online developer that was 200 miles away but cost about a third of the price. I`m the last person to advocate spending money when you don`t have to (!), but the extra cost was such, so it`s worth it this time around. The online group was shocking, we have now discovered that they actually made several mistakes in the research and we have to pay expensive compensation for these. They also went bankrupt! It was also great to be able to stop with endless documents etc. I still feel a little weak when I look at the bill, but in fact, it was worth every penny. Nowhere near you so not really a recommendation, sorry! Our lifetime mortgage application was processed quickly and efficiently. Communication was quick and clear and the entire process went quickly and smoothly, including the home visit of the officer`s lawyer. «Thank you for explaining every step of the process and in simple words. The kindness of all the employees who have already called me. » ⚠ Report Abuse To notify the Law Society of inappropriate or offensive content posted on Find a Lawyer, please visit our contact page. «Fast service, good communication.

Will was equally educated, written clearly and concisely. Absolutely stress-free. «We have now used BBH 3 times for residential transactions, always in a timely manner, in a perfect and cost-effective way.» Monika was very helpful and efficient. Thank you To comment on this thread, you need to create a Mumsnet account. Monika O`Donnell handled the entire process seamlessly despite conflicting information from my previous mortgage company. BBH also sent a tour of lawyers to my home, so although they are based in Wirrall, their service is local for you. I can no longer recommend them. Finding the whole process satisfying and so useful for my questions and understanding how the process evolves towards a highly recommended development «The process was professional, calm, efficient and friendly.

Excellent service. I had the best result.

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