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Beneficios De La Metrologia Legal

Measuring instruments are subjected to various tests to determine their compliance with the corresponding technical and legal requirements. The concepts of metrological verification, calibration and traceability are very important to understand HOW confidence in the meter is ensured. Metrological examinations are conducted by the Superintendence of Industry and Commerce and the Mayor`s Offices directly or with the support of authorized metrological verification bodies (OAMOs). However, with regard to the requirements to be metrologically verified, it is the responsibility of the Government, in particular the supervision of industry and commerce, to protect the public interest with regard to measuring instruments, to adopt the regulatory framework that defines the technical and administrative requirements that measuring instruments must meet, and to achieve this in the field of legal metrology. Legal metrology is responsible for consumer protection; verify that the measurement methods used in the trade in goods comply with the technical and legal requirements that ensure that a correct quantity of a particular product is delivered to consumers. Legal metrology covers the following areas: business, health, safety, environment and business development. In addition, the definition shows that metrology occurs in all areas of science and technology. It is the responsibility of the legal metrological control to verify compliance with the applicable national legislation in metrology. This includes checking the correct quantity and content in prepackaged products; to verify compliance with national regulations.

Legal metrology is the part of metrology (science of measurements) that refers to activities resulting from legal requirements that apply to measurements, units of measurement, measuring instruments and measurement methods performed by competent bodies. Among the advantages obtained by the application of this branch of metrology, we mention that: ENAC is specifically active in this sector in two main areas: calibration and legal metrology, not to mention that in other sectors of metrology, metrology plays a key role in the practical totality of activities. «For citizens, the concept of legal metrology, its effects and scope go unnoticed; occur when the activities they carry out in daily life are analysed in detail, as well as in the benefits they receive, which translates into the protection of their fundamental rights in terms of health, safety, the environment and their economic interests,» he explained. Legal metrology is the part of metrology that is subject to legal/regulatory control. Legislation in the field of metrology contains provisions for the control of measuring instruments and measuring instruments. The field of metrology that ensures that the operation of these instruments is correct and that there is no possibility of fraud or error is legal metrology. In Spain, there are three types of conformity assessment bodies in the field of legal metrology± notified bodies, measurement control bodies and approved metrological testing bodies. During the conference commemorating the International Day of Metrology, the expert explained the impact on judicial and administrative decisions, as well as the benefits for the Colombian market. It is the responsibility of the State to organize a legal metrology infrastructure that achieves the following objectives: The testing of a measuring instrument is a conformity assessment procedure (unlike the evaluation of the model) that leads to the affixing of a test mark and/or the issuance of a test certificate.

It is a series of administrative, visual and technical tests aimed at verifying and confirming that a measuring instrument complies with legal requirements through conformity assessment procedures (with the exception of model evaluation) which include tests and markings. and the issuance of a test certificate that verifies and confirms the measuring instrument. ITV measuring devices, breathalyzers used in roadside checks, water or gas meters, thermometers that control the transport of refrigerated food. Thanks to legal metrology, we can count on the accuracy and precision of your results. Legal metrology is the set of legislative, administrative and technical procedures put in place by each State to specify and ensure the quality and credibility of measures relating to official controls, trade, health, safety and the environment in a regulatory or contractual manner.

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